The Wonderful Thing About ECMP 355

I’ve begun this blog for a class I’m taking. For my first post I have a few questions I must answer. So here goes…
To begin I must talk about me. I am a young adult, married, and currently on the path to becoming a teacher. I grew up in a small town-ish place near the ocean. I love food, books and movies. I’ve been taking post secondary school for a few years now. A couple of those years I spent studying vocal performance. I still love singing and continue to take lessons despite my change in education.
Next my views on technology. I do like technology. I’m still not very good at using a remote, but I spend just as much time as anybody on facebook. Growing up my mother believed that the outdoors was the only place for a child. She was right, but it meant that the computer did not make it into my home until I was 13, and then I was only allowed on it for a half hour a day. It does take me a little bit of time to get used to using new technology. I’m still learning how to text.
In terms of my feelings toward technology in the classroom I haven’t come to any conclusions. I see the benefits, but I also fear that children could be loosing out if they become too dependent on technology. I do not think that teachers should ignore what is happening with technology. I even think using it in the classroom is a good idea since kids are using it everywhere else. I also worry though that the screen has contributed to things such as children not getting the exercise they need to develop their bodies and brains.
I guess my expectations for this class is just to become more informed on the benefits of technology. I also would like to inform myself on what is out there and how I can use it for myself and in the classroom.


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  1. Hey – nice to meet you. Really enjoying getting to see Alec’s class through his students. Am also enjoying your blog and it’s whimsical positive tone. Hope the course provides you with interesting insights on technology in the classroom

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