The Wonderful Thing About Alec Couros’s Presentation in Class Yesterday

I had two pages of notes from listening to this presentation in class and now that I’ve sat down to respond I find that I am without them.  So I’m going to try to do using my my memory and the copy of the slide show that Alec made available.  There is a few things from the presentation that still stick out in my mind that I would like to focus on.

-I was amazed at all the cool websites that were brought to our attention.  When I finally got home after school and AWANA (a kids club that I run at my church), I still was very excited to tell my husband about, a micro-loan lending site.  Very cool.  My husband and I have many great things about micro-loans and seeing a site where we can help people directly is very exciting.

– I loved watching the video the grade 5 kids sing.  At home I had to watch some more of them on youtube.  I couldn’t get enough.  I was just amazed with what they could do and equally amazed with their passion.  This is student work that does need to be celebrated and I see how the internet is a great way to make sure that happens.

-I like social network sites.  I enjoy being able to share pictures of myself and my husband with family and friends all over North America.  We just got on skype and this will allow me to talk with my best-friend in Scotland. I love how the internet can make the world smaller. I do think we need to be careful though with what we allow people to see about our lives, especially our children’s lives. For me anyway. I do not want everyone having access to who I am.  Perhaps I’m just a private person.  I am also not very tied to technology which probably has something to do with how I perceive it.

-I’m excited about technology from a professional sense however.  I love the idea of connecting with other teachers and sharing ideas and knowledge.  I also loved the idea of bringing experts to the class through services like skype.  This can only help in my future students learning.


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