The Wonderful Thing About Girls and Math

Found an interesting article on the CBC website today called Girls and Math Anxiety.  Talked about how girls might get their fears about math from their female teachers in the earlier grades.  I often get nervous about math and found this article helpful in realizing that my views towards different subjects can be picked up on by my students.  If my fears about math can affect my students perceptions then I need to be careful about how I come across in teaching math.



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3 responses to “The Wonderful Thing About Girls and Math

  1. Allison

    Very interesting article! I too hate Math and have always struggled with it. I agree that as teachers we need to hide our personal feelings towards subjects because it can definitely affect how students respond and feel about what they’re learning!

  2. That is a really good thing to keep in mind. I find that a teacher’s enthusiasm can usually help create enthusiasm about a topic in students as well. I remember talking about this in my ESCI class last year…I was surprised to find out that an astonishing number of teachers (lots female) find Science to be the most intimidating subject area to teach, and lots often end up avoiding it as much as they can. I think that fear and lack of enthusiasm definitely shows to the students and effects how they feel about their learning.

  3. Sandra

    This is a very interesting topic, I am going to go and look up the article. I know many student are very apprehensive about math and I had never thought about teachers personal feelings about math affecting their teaching.

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