The Wonderful Thing About Taking A Break From It All…

So I was thinking the other day about how hard it is now to isolate yourself from the world.  A girl in my ECMP class the other day was mentioning how no longer can we just turn of the television and the radio.  Instead if we really want to take a break then we must turn of our phones, stay away from the computer, and then be prepared to apologize for ignoring all your texts for the weekend (or day, or hour, depending on how much time you can handle away from facebook).

I feel very much behind sometimes when I consider how connected I could be.  I don’t own a cell phone (unless you count my husbands) and it takes me five minutes to send a text.  An iPhone would probably be too much for me to handle. I like facebook, but if I don’t check it for a day or two I’ll survive.  I feel no need to have the television going at all hours of the day.

So I am going to visit family this weekend and I know that I will be disconnected the entire time unless someone wants to watch some hockey (which is very likely knowing my husband’s family).  It is liberating knowing that I can do this without worry about whose texts I missing.  I’m excited to talk to people who I don’t see often face to face  over a meal instead of through facebook posts and messages or skype.

I’m glad I am behind in terms of being connected to the rest of the world.  I hope I can remain so.  I’ll use technology when it is available, but I never want to be tied to it.



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2 responses to “The Wonderful Thing About Taking A Break From It All…

  1. mbayda

    It certainly can be refreshing to “turn off” for a few days. I used to try every month to have one day where I did not use any “technology” (as in digital technologies, not including fridges, chairs…all the technologies we use at every step of the way) for the whole day. No email, computers, television, cellphone, music, etc. I loved these days in many ways. Everything seemed quieter, calmer, and I felt I had a little more space to think. However, I am increasingly finding it harder and harder to do this every month (as in I’ve stopped completely)…how do I choose the day where I know I won’t need to check my email? And in a house full of people, it is hard to avoid others’ turning on the television. I think it would especially be a great thing to try as a family on a regular schedule, rather than trying it by myself. That’s what going to our family cottage is for! Have fun this weekend!

  2. Gerry

    You make some good points Sarah. I think everyone needs to think more about why they might want to use technology and be connected in both our personal and professional lives, rather than simply looking for things that we can do with technology.

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