The Wonderful Thing About Wordle

Wordle is a fun tool to use. My only difficulties with it was that my first few tries it picked up periods and commas at the end of words so I had to try it a few times to get it right.  This would be a great ‘getting to know you’ tool for a classroom on the first day instead of the usual  strategies (like that list of questions where students have to find a name for every question).  You could have students create their worlde, print it out, and then have them present it to the class.
Wordle: Prarie Ocean Girl



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2 responses to “The Wonderful Thing About Wordle

  1. Kristi

    I also liked Wordle. It’s a great tool to use with students. I used it for my grade 2 students to describe themselves, and they loved that each one is different just like their personalities. It really let me focus on the uniqueness of each student.

  2. mbayda

    Check out this awesome presentation on 43 ways to use Worldle in the classroom by Tom Barrett:

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