Homeschooling…Human Right?

Germans seek asylum in Canada over schooling

Saw this article this morning and it got my interest.  Its about a German couple who are fighting to stay in Canada because they fear the consequences of having to return to Germany since they decided to home school their children.  They say they have been persecuted for this decision which is against German law.  Anyways it had me thinking on whether or not how we decide to educate our children should be  the decision of the parent or the state.  The article also mentioned the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Who has the right here?  Should the parents be allowed to seek asylum.  They aren’t hurting their children, just teaching them at home.

I also found it interesting that Germany does not allow homeschooling because they think prevents people from integrating into society.  Now I know that is true in many cases.  I know of more than a few home-schoolers who have very poor social skills, on the other hand I know of many home-schoolers who are very successful socially and academically and attribute this to being educated by their parents at home.  I myself have considered homeschooling whenever I have children as long as they are involved with many extra-curricular activities within the community that allow for social interaction.  I do not think I would be to happy if the Canadian government took that option away. Especially if it meant that I could loose my children.


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