The Wonderful Thing About The End of The Semester

It has come to the part of the semester where I am beginning to feel stressed.  I had a major oral presentation last week that took much of my time and effort and now that it is done I have to catch up on everything that I put off.   I hope I am able to do so.  Most of it is writing, but for my ECMP class I have to come up with a project that incorporates teaching and technology and this one worries me.  I have a few ideas.  A skype interview with my grandparents who were teachers on their view of the changes in technology.  A wiki regarding technology and literacy.  A wiki regarding dance education.  I have done a bit of work on all three so that I have a base to work from, but haven’t committed to one yet.  I need to get working though.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a good start during my break at work (I have two hours between shifts).



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2 responses to “The Wonderful Thing About The End of The Semester

  1. Alex

    All of your ideas sound great! Personally I love the dance education idea, not lots of people understand what dance is all about!

  2. monseesa

    Being stressed at this time of year sounds all too familiar to me but don’t worry we’re almost finished and you’ll pull through! Sounds like you have some good ideas for your wiki good luck!

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