The Wonderful Thing About Cell Phones

Yesterday I was texting for my husband who was driving.  Since drivers can no longer use their cell phones while driving (which I love),  I’ve been getting more practice lately with my husband’s phone and have found that texting is getting easier for me when before I would take five minutes to send out a three word text.  I believe I sent two texts in the course of two minutes.  Pretty good for me. I don’ t think I want a cell phone of my own yet however, but lately I have felt that I am being left behind.  Everywhere I look I’m seeing cell phones and this morning I read this blog by the innovative educator.  It’s about actually using cellphones in class for learning and there are even some lessons  provided.   It kinda blew me away.  I would think that phones would be distracting rather than a good tool for learning.  Its something to think about anyways.


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  1. Allyson

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a cell phone its kind of crazy. Even my grandparents have a cell phone. I think that it is handy to have a cell phone but I do not think it is a necessity. I also do not agree with using cellphones in class for learning. Having smart board lesson plans that will be compatible with cell phones is really ridiculous in my mind. Pen and paper in my mind will do just fine for test writing. I do not think there is a need to text answers in. What is your opinion about putting cell phones in schools for learning purposes?

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