The Wonderful Thing about Realizing Your Turning Into Your Teachers

Remember when you were young.  Your teachers were these special people who you saw at school and no where else so you automatically assumed they lived a school.  Maybe the mysterious teacher’s lounge was filled with bunk beds.  Then came that day that you saw your teacher at the grocery store.  With shock and fear you tug at your moms shirt and whisper, “What is Mrs. so and so doing here?  Why isn’t she at school.”  Then you learn that teachers have families and homes and buy groceries just like your parents.  Weird.

So I’m doing day camps for the summer and they have a huge educational aspect so the kids often call us teacher instead of by our first name.  Its very cute coming from five year olds who haven’t been to school yet.  We just finished off a three day camp and today at the dollar store I ran into two of the boys (brothers) there.  They looked surprised to see me, but were excited to see a familiar face.  One of the brothers then said, “I didn’t think I would see you at this store.”  I had to laugh because it sounded like something I would have said at his age.  I replied with,”Who would have thought that I would have a life!”


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  1. Mary

    It gives me a nice feeling when kids see me outside of school and call me teacher. Wish I earned the teacher’s salary!

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