The Wonderful Thing About beginning my three week block

Today was the first day of my three week block as a pre-intern. It actually was a fantastic day. It was good to be back in the classroom where learning to teach is so much more practical.
It was very interesting to observe my co-op introduce the unit on fractions. I had done a lesson on fractions the previous semester as I had wanted to practice teaching math. It was not one of my more successful lessons. I learned a lot about how I could adapt my lesson for the next time I may teach it from watching him. He kept the concept simple, focusing only on having the students look for equivalent fractions of 1/2. I on the other hand probably jumped in too fast, too soon. It was an aha moment for me.
I got to teach my first lesson today of my unit on the Metis people and for the most part it went as planned. I did find myself changing things and adapting on the spot as the lesson progressed. Also because I taught during the last part of the day I found it became increasingly harder to keep students on task, especially when I had them participate in a talking circle which was a new experience for most of them.


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