About Me: I am a brand new teacher!  I’m married to a wonderful man.  Mother of a beautiful baby girl. I love popcorn, reading, and music.  Writing is a hobby that I would like to take further.  I live in Canada.  I hate cold weather, but I do not like overly hot weather either. I love the ocean and the prairies.  If my friends were to describe me in one word, I think it would be busy.

About My Blog: This blog was originally created for a education computer class and is becoming my professional portfolio and a place to blog about anything education related.  I love blogging, but as I love doing many other things as well, I am not the best at updating regularly.  Stay with me though, because I’ll always be back.  I chose the title The Wonderful Thing About… in tribute to a highschool teacher.  He always started his classes, with, “What is new, exciting, and wonderful about…”  


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